Company Profile

Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Tanka is a research and consulting firm, with twenty-five years experience in marketing, communications, public opinion, and social research.

Employed early in his career as a management consultant and communications specialist, Kenneth Waschuk founded Tanka Resource Group Inc. in 1983. He functions as Tanka’s General Manager, and leads all of the company’s research projects.

Tanka’s clients have included some of the largest and most recognized organizations in the country — corporate, government, public agencies, associations and charitable groups.

While the firm has extensive experience in the financial services industry through working with four of the country’s leading financial institutions over the years, it also places a strong emphasis on public policy and public opinion in western Canada. Naturally, that extends well into the agriculture and resource industries.

Tanka has worked extensively with advertising and public relations firms across the country, in strategic planning, positioning, and messaging, as well as media measurement and communications evaluation. These relationships have arisen from working directly on behalf of Tanka’s clients, and also when contracted by such agencies on behalf of their clients.

Mr. Waschuk has acted as the leader on virtually all of the hundreds of major projects the company has undertaken since its inception. His strong writing and presentation skills have given Tanka a positive reputation for quality and clarity in its research reporting. He is also a skilled focus group and panel moderator, with experience in almost every Canadian province and several American states. While projects are frequently updates or extensions of Tanka’s previous work, the company operates exclusively on custom research and consulting projects, unencumbered by retainer relationships, long-term contractual obligations, or other potential interest conflicts.


Japanese poem
with thirty-one syllables
and five lines which gives
a complete picture of a
specific event or mood