Research services include the provision of full scale marketing research surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, internal management studies, employee surveys, as well as a variety of qualitative research methods to explore existing or new concepts, products, services, or creative advertising materials.

As a result of this breadth of experience, consultation on strategic communications along with issue and crisis management have become part of the company’s service menu.

  • Custom Public Opinion & Marketing Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Tracking Programs
  • Membership Surveys
  • Readership Surveys
  • Point-of-Sale Interviewing
  • Focus Groups
  • Political Campaigns
  • Product Discussion Groups
  • Mystery Shopper Programs
  • Product Testing
  • Concept Evaluation
  • Creative, Thematic, Design, Logo & Name Testing
  • Convention & Conference Opinion Measurement
  • Exhibition & Trade Fair Evaluation
  • Project Consultation & Design
  • Communications & Advertising Evaluation
  • Advertisement Testing
  • Data Collection Services
  • Crisis Communications & Issue Management
  • Media Measurement

To sell anything
there must be a perception
of a need for it
so selling should begin with understanding perceptions